Mary’s witness

The life story of Jesus Christ is not of human origin. He was not created like Adam and Eve. He had no beginning in time. In fact, he was not created at all. He was there, so to speak, with God, begotten, not made, of one being with his Father before the world was created. And this mystery Jesus revealed, little by little and piece by piece, to those he chose to be his apostles.  And to them he revealed the future, God’s purpose and plan for the end of time: to gather up all things in heaven and earth. (Ephesians 1:9-10)

The Apostles, those closest to Jesus, were chosen for that very purpose of making known the mystery of life and death.


This is the mystery kept secret for long ages, (Romans 16:25) the mystery of God’s willingness and love to save mankind from sin and death. For centuries philosophers and scientists have tried to prize open the mystery of life. They have wondered if at one time the mystery was known but with the passage of time and change, lost. They have invented many gods of earth and sky to explain this mystery, many theories of existence: pre-existence, and dreams that this nightmare of living and dying will have a cause and a solution, a future hope, a lost paradise that will be recovered. 

The knowledge of what happened to the human race from the beginning of time was indeed lost, save for the historical records preserved by the nation of Israel. It was to them that God revealed himself as Yaweh (YHWH )which may be translated the Lord God of Israel, the God who chose them, not because they were any better than other people; they were the least, (Deuteronomy 7:7) and by no means Godly, (Deuteronomy 9:6) but because he loved them and made a covenant with Abraham that from his seed (Galatians 3:16 KJV) would come the Messiah. And because Abraham believed unerringly in God he promised to make him the father of many nations and his offspring like the stars of heaven and the sand on the seashore. 

Quote: ‘I will make your offspring as numerous as the stars of heaven, and will give to your offspring all these lands; and all the nations of the earth shall gain blessing for themselves through your offspring, because Abraham obeyed my voice and kept my charge, my commandments, my statutes, and my laws." (Genesis 26:4) 

Here, in these words is God’s love for his people and the world.   



We now know the truth. The answer to this mystery was known and was lost. We know, not because of science or philosophy but because God has made it known and restored a future hope and a lost paradise. This is how it became known and verified by many witnesses:

The first witness to the truth hidden from mankind for ages, was a virgin girl by the name of Mary. The knowledge of Christ’s birth, his identity, his existence and his fulfillment of prophecy was concealed from everyone save Mary and those few faithful people to whom God revealed him.


This is how it took place: the angel Gabriel was sent by God to a girl named Mary, a virgin. She was engaged to be married to Joseph of the house of David by descent, and was thinking of her marriage, of being Joseph’s wife and having children of her own. It was in this frame of mind that a stranger greeted her with the words, ‘Mary, you are highly favoured and the Lord is with you; you are blessed amongst women.’

Mary wondered what manner of greeting this was. The stranger, said,

‘Don’t be afraid, Mary, for you have found favour with God, and you shall conceive in your womb and give birth to a son and you shall call his name Jesus. He shall be great, the son of the Highest, and the Lord God will give him the throne of his father David. He will reign over the house of Jacob forever and of his kingdom there shall be no end. ‘

Mary was perplexed and fearful. She asked, ‘How shall this be seeing I know no man?’

The angel replied, ‘The Holy ghost will come upon you, and the power of the Highest will overshadow you; moreover the holy child born to you will be called the Son of God. And, behold, your cousin Elizabeth has also conceived in her old age and is six months pregnant, she who was said to be barren. For with God nothing is impossible.’

Mary said, ‘I am the Lord’s handmaid. Let it be according to your word. Then the angel departed from her. (Luke 1:25-36)

The mystery of the promised birth of Jesus Christ was inexplicable to Mary, as it has been also to philosophers, theologians and scientists to this day. The explanation given be the angel Gabriel gave the only explanation that is logical and  believable: ‘With God nothing is impossible.’



The Christ child was placed in the care of Mary, a girl full of grace, the mother fit to raise a holy child. There was no other fit place for the Christ, the Messiah, to enter and live in this world. It was into this girls care and love whom God immortalised as the one blessed above all women to be the mother of God’s Son. Neither the ecclesiastical world of priests, rabbis’ or scribes was a fit world for the Christ child to grow up in, or be protected and loved; nor the political world of kings and governors who ruled over Judea and the Palestine of that time would rather have seen him dead than disturb their political or ecclesiastical status quo.


The Christ child was heir to the throne of David, the Messiah  prophesied by Moses and the prophets. All this was known and believed by the elite of scholars and doctors of the Law. They even knew where he would be born. They believed the Messiah would put the clock back to the time when Jerusalem was the centre of the world, when Rome did not exist and no kingdom ruled over the Promised Land, given to Israel by God. The prophecies were always interpreted as the restoration of Israel as the ruler of the world. 


Mary believed the angels words implicitly, only she pondered them, what these things might mean over time. She kept these things in her heart. (Luke 2:19) The birth of Jesus was made known as behind closed doors to humble shepherds (luke 2:2) watching over their sheep by night, to Simeon, to whom the Holy Spirit made known that he would not die before seeing the Christ child, and Anna, a very old lady who did not depart from the temple but prayed and fasted night and day. She spoke about him to all who were looking for the redemption of Israel. (Luke 2:38) These witnesses confirmed what Mary believed but Simeon warned her that a sword would pierce her own heart. (Luke 2:35)

This was cause for Mary to ponder these things for it appeared that the clock would not be put back to David but put forward to bloodshed and sorrow, a prophecy that no one understood, not Mary, not the scholars and divines of Jerusalem, not the disciples of Jesus, only Jesus himself. That mystery will unfold as we follow the life of Christ.

As we follow the life of Jesus in the Scriptures we will learn the good news of Christ, what he, and only he knew of Isaiah’s prophecy, (Isaiah 53) and the kingdom of heaven, and why he had no wish to put the clock back to King David but the Kingdom of heaven. 



耶稣基督故事没有人类起源。 他不是创造的象亚当和夏娃。他不是在都创造的。他是那里、可以这么说,与上帝、和上帝独生子的。他的大自然是一样如他的父亲的、一是、世界造以前。这个神秘耶稣教意思、一点一点,如时间通、对那些他决定是他的徒的。和对他们他揭示未来、和上帝的打算和目的的时间结束、和在那时间上帝的目的是要合一所有的事物在天和地在耶稣基督里、不再受的罪分。


这有神秘的秘密为长的年龄 (罗马书 16:25)上帝的会要  爱和拯救人类从罪和死。为年龄哲学家和科学家有尝试奖品开神秘的生活。他们有想知道、在一时间、 如果神秘是已知和然后迷路。他们有发明神的天和地向解释这个神秘、有很多理论的存在、的前生、和梦那这梦魇的生命和死亡会有一个事业、和一个解、 一个未来希望、一个迷路


历史的记录知识的人类、从起初时间是的确迷路、除为历史的纪录的以色列这些纪录的我们叫圣经或上帝的话语、回答这题是那告诉我们发生了什么事。上帝展示了这向以色列天堂迷路了因为的人类的罪、 为出于这个原因人类死了。但是上帝爱人和要教他们他爱和义、所以他决定以色列从所有的人在地球上、 不是因为他们是比较好就另外人、或比多人们别的人们; 他们是事实中最小数的都人民的。他们不是敬虔、他们是固执、但是上帝爱他们和决定他们展示他的爱和义向世界、(申命记 7:7;9:6)和给人民希望和救恩。他选择亚伯拉罕那从他的后裔会来弥赛亚、救主的世界。(加拉太书 3:16 KJV)

Quote: ‘我要加曾你的后裔、象天上的星那样多;有要将这些地都赐给你的后裔。并且地上万国必因你的后裔得福。’(创世记 26:4)这有在这些说话上帝得爱为他的人们和世界。


现在我们知道真理。 回答象这个神秘是现在已知、不是因为的科学 或者哲学但是上帝有作它已知、和恢复未来希望和迷路了一个天堂。第一见证向真理、为年龄迷路了、是示向玛丽的。 她是处女的女订婚向男人叫约瑟夫。知识的耶稣基督生的、他的真面目、他的实现的预言、是隐藏从大家除玛丽和少数谦逊人。耶稣基督的生的:神秘这是怎么发现: 上帝派天使加百列向一个处女叫玛丽。她是思维的她结婚向约瑟夫、 她的未来的、和有着孩子和一个家的她的自己。当一个陌生人遇到她和迎接对她说: ‘你是一个高度青睐女子和耶和华和你是幸福妇女之间。’和当她瞧到他、 她是麻烦的在这个话语、 和思想向她自己、什么作这个意思吗?天使对玛丽说:‘不要怕玛丽、为你在上帝面前蒙恩了、和你会怀孕在你的子宫、和一个儿子生出和会叫他的名子耶稣。和他将是叫儿子的最高; 和耶和华的上帝会给向他祖大卫的宝座、和他和他会统治过家的大卫为永永远远、和他的王国这将没有结束。玛丽是困惑。她对天使说: ‘因为我不知道任何男人、怎么样?’天使回答: ‘圣灵会来临上你、和影子以上你; 而且那圣孩子生向你会是叫儿子的上帝。 和看到!你的表妹伊丽莎白有也怀孕在   她晚年、和是六约的怀孕、她谁大家说、 ‘她是荒芜。’为与为与上帝没什么是不可能!’玛丽对天使说: ‘我是耶和华的婢女。让它是据你的说话。’(卢克福音 1:28-38)向玛丽这是一个神秘和费解了、今天、(lú kè  fú yīn 1:28-38)  如它是向哲学家的、神学家和科学家现在。天使的解释只是合乎逻辑的和可信: 与上帝没什么是不可能!


耶稣是放在玛丽的爱和家、一个女孩满的恩德、一个母亲适合对养圣婴。不另外适合地方在世界里为耶稣基督、为耶稣对进和住在这世界。不牧师的家、拉比的家、或隶的家是对地方为对养圣的婴里、或者是保护和爱。 二者国王或政治在巴勒斯坦里、要弥赛亚。更好那弥赛亚死比打扰他们的安静。希律王的犹太、 例如、看见那弥赛婴是威胁


大卫·的宝座继承者弥赛亚、据摩西和先知、是继承者王大卫·的宝座。已知和相信由拉比、牧师、学者和法律的医生。他们甚至知道 弥赛亚生的地方。(马太福音 2:5) 他们相信弥赛亚放时钟后向时间甚么时候耶路撒冷是中心世界、当罗马帝国不存在。


玛丽隐相信天使说话、虽然她沉吟天使说话、甚么、过时间过时间它们可能意思。她保持了这些事情在她的心。(路加福音2:19)耶稣的是了生后边关门、可以这么说、向卑微的牧羊人、(路加福音2:2)圣灵揭示向西麦、那他会不死前、他看到了基督婴、 和安娜、对大家、说话关于婴、向众那些人等和希望弥赛亚来了。但是西麦警告她那一条剑会刺穿她的自己心。(路加福音 2:35)这些玛丽沉吟、为它好像时钟上帝会不是放后边、但是期待向苦时间的、个人痛和悲哀的。 这是一预言那没人了解、 也不玛丽或者医生的法、或者或者拉比牧师。耶稣基督自己只、知道上路向十字架和为甚么。福音的耶稣是什么? 回答会来了如我们随耶稣的生活。